Studio Santoro carries out consultancy, quality control, inspections, auditing activities and training services.

The office constantly develops and improves the performance of its projects, processes and services to ensure customer satisfaction.
It combines its know-how and experience with a consolidated network of professionals operating at national and international level including food technologists, occupational doctors, biologists, lawyers, engineers, etc.

The office offers competitive advantages to its customers, providing companies with 360 ° consultancy in

EnvironmentQualityCertificationsFood SafetyFood Contact MaterialsLabellingManagement ConsultingSafety and Health of WorkersTrainingTechnological innovation and researchWebsite & e-commerceBrand identity

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It supports food companies in technical and regulatory compliance, taking care of all aspects of Food Safety, Occupational Safety and the Environment.


Studio Santoro supports companies in achieving and maintaining the Certifications. Leads, advises and supports the management in the paths of corporate reorganization or generational change.


It develops innovative projects in the agro-industrial sector and guides companies in the start-up phase or management reorganization through temporary management activities.


Organize training, information and updating courses for companies, consultants and professionals in the fields of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety of Workers, Laws and Regulations, Nutrition, Labeling, Hygiene, employing frontal activities in the headquarters or through the e-learning platform.

QUALITY matters to us for you


Our support and constant commitment to improve your business.

Certifications and Quality

Our skills in the client's guidance towards certifications.

HACCP and Food Safety

We provide support to companies in the field of Food Safety.


Our commitment to in-house training but also online with access to our e-learning platform.

Worker Health and Safety & Environment

Our expertise for the management of environmental protection issues and worker health and safety.


Our professional support to companies through management consultancy.

Technological innovation and research

Our experience for solving technological problems.

USA, UK, EU and China labeling

Consulting, Design and Review of Labels and technical data sheets (ingredients, allergens, nutritional values, claims, etc.) in compliance with the European, Swiss, UK, USA, Canada, China and other reference markets.

Brand identity

Consultancy service for the design of the company logo with proposals for Corporate Identity solutions. Trademark registration and filing service in the countries of interest (EU, USA, UK, China, etc.)


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Public tenders and planning
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