After the lockdown in Italy there is a boom in Temporary Manager

After the lockdown in Italy there is a boom in Temporary Manager

Sometimes an external figure is needed to accelerate company growth, with a different point of view and that experience and professionalism, capable of guiding the company in its development path in the best possible way.

This is why in moments of major corporate crisis, production slowdown or simply when you want to expand your business, conquer new markets or launch new products, it may be useful to contact the figure of the Temporary Manager, capable of transforming that uncertainty into opportunity.

According to a survey conducted by Ranstad Professionals, the Randstad division that deals with the search and selection of high-level professional profiles for companies, after the Covid-19 emergency, there has been an 80% growth in requests of TManager throughout Italy.

From the research involving 260 professionals, it emerged that the sectors most affected by the phenomenon are above all those related to the legal and financial world, the redesign of business processes, marketing, digitization and human resources.

Why do so many companies choose to turn to Temporary Management companies? Temporary Management is an innovative model, capable of responding to the demand for specialist managerial skills and bringing these skills to the company quickly, which is not a small aspect in such an uncertain scenario as the post-covid one.

For several years, Studio Santoro has been offering Temporary Management services to SMEs, with particular regard to the certification process and the implementation of Quality Management Systems, company reorganization, technology transfer, start-up and testing of new production lines. and to the training of internal staff, who will have to cover specialist roles (Plant Manager, Production Manager, Quality Manager, Head of the analysis laboratory, etc.).

Thanks to the fixed-term position, Studio Santoro is able to guide companies towards change, making available those knowledge and skills that are not always easily available on the market. The result is to be able to count on new professional skills, without burdening companies with medium-long term fixed costs and to trace new paths by enhancing the resources already present in the company.

The goal is to help companies not to be overwhelmed by uncertainty, but to invite them to leave their comfort zone, to propose alternative solutions capable of counteracting structural rigidities and to push them to become active protagonists of change.

Do you want to use our services? The team of Studio Santoro boasts many years of experience and will guide you in choosing the service that best suits your needs, guaranteeing maximum commitment and professionalism. Contact us!